SEASonality SA

Gulf St. Vincent Region (GSV)

The Gulf St. Vincent region is bordered by Yorke Peninsula on its west, Kangaroo Island to the south and the mainland to the east. This large triangular body of water is characterised by sheltered waters, with wind driven wave action and depth increasing from north to south.

GSV is home to a variety of coastlines from:

  • Limestone cliffs of the east
  • Sandy bays of the west
  • Sheer granite cliffs rocky coves of the south
  • Long sandy beaches and manmade environments of the east and
  • Expansive seagrass meadows, mangroves and the tidal samphire flats of the north.

These diverse marine environments support the production of a variety of MSF varieties.

Key ports include: Port Adelaide, Port Wakefield, Ardrossan, Edithburgh, Kingscote and Cape Jervis.